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When Louise Valliere performed her summons for her familiar, she certainly didn't expect for it to be a human! Strangely enough, the boy she summoned, Shirou Emiya, didn't expect to get summoned so soon. He hadn't even died yet!
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Pretty decent, but has a couple problems
rettshift | 6 months ago

First and foremost; if you're like me, you're interested in this fic because you want to see more Shirou Emiya. So how is this fics Shirou Emiya? Well, he's alright. Not like canon, but there are precious few fanfics that get Shirou Emiya right. However, that's not to say it's bad. The author fully establishes that this Shirou is not the one we know. There's a couple AU elements and a decent amount of time has passed since the end of the VN, and he's on the path to becoming like Archer, sorta. I still find this Shirou enjoyable, and he's better suited for the setting than the VN Shirou. For conflict and challenges, well. It's a Shirou centric fic. He has a solution for everything in UBW, even if it's just overwhelming firepower. Not everything comes easy, but never does it feel like he'll lose, just at what cost and how well he'll win. The action/fight scenes are still pretty entertaining though despite this. Character interactions are nice. There's good banter and good serious moments. I can't comment on how accurately the other characters are written, as I am not familiar with the FoZ source material. I liked them though, for the most part. Spelling and grammar is pretty decent. I'm definitely no expert in either, but nothing stood out for me. All in all, if you like seeing Shirou be a badass, you'll find this an enjoyable read.

Solid Read with Some Issues
Talos | 8 months ago

Hill of Swords is a fun casual fic that you can binge fairly easily and enjoy in that way. It involves an alternate version of Shirou Emiya being summoned as Louise's Familiar, and was one of the originators of the big surge of such fics which existed a while back. Unlike many others it spawned, it's a solid read, and well worth your time. However, I would be amiss in not noting that it has a few issues to it. Firstly, Shirou does not feel like Shirou. This is explained easily enough in that he is actually an alternate version, on the verge of becoming EMIYA. However, it can make for a somewhat daunting moment if you come from the Fate fandom to realise that your anchor character is not actually the character you expected. His personality and drives are different, but having said this, he is not a bad character all in all, and once you're used to him, he makes for a fine member of the cast. The second major issue of the fic is that, for a large amount of it, it's pretty clear that Shirou goes unchallenged. He almost never loses, and is very rarely pushed to the point of it. There are only a few characters who can stand up to him, and these are largely of little note in the story, meaning that for the majority of the time, combat comes down less to ''will he win'' and more to ''How will he win this time?'' If you're seeking an action packed story that keeps you on the edge of your seat due genuine feeling of danger for the cast, best to look elsewhere. The character interactions are quite good, and the fic has several funny scenes. Some more are kind of cringey too, though, and it is absolutely a product of its time. It can be childish sometimes, and plays to stereotypes a little much for my taste, but overall, in spite of these flaws, I do not regret having read it. If you're up for something fun, fairly light hearted, which makes up for its lack of stakes with good interactions, funny scenes, and some surprisingly political moments, then this is the fic for you. At the very least, I'd urge you to give it a shot for a chapter or two.

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A Classic That Still Holds Up
Kami_no_Kage | 8 months ago

This story is a classic that I still reread years later. Despite the summary being nice and cheerful, it's a strong story that goes through a variety of tones. Sometimes happy, sometimes sad, sometimes serious. It's the story of Shirou Emiya, on the verge of becoming EMIYA, gets summoned one day by little Louise Valliere. The story goes through seasons 1-3 of Familiar of Zero, including details and pacing from the novels. Not quite a fix-it story, Shirou brings a more serious element to what was originally a comedic series. The author develops the world in ways you'd never expect a comedy harem world could actually be. It has passion in every chapter, and it made me feel many things. I highly recommend giving it a read.

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rettshift | 6 months ago

Needs "Familiar of Zero" fandom added as crossover. Needs Shirou Emiya added as protag.