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The Clans came prepared to invade the Inner Sphere of the Third Succession War. But by the time they arrived, the Inner Sphere had been preparing for ten years to fight the Sixth Succession War.
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Short, but really good
bullethead | 6 months ago

Probably the biggest downside to this story is that it's short - it feels like it could've gone on longer, but what we got is pretty good. It's a well thought out AU of Battletech's Clan Invasion (you can guess how it turns out based on the title), with the main emotional core of it being a Clan Wolf MechWarrior who gets a surprisingly poignant ending in the epilogue. The rest of the story ping-pongs between POV characters to show the scope of the war and its ramifications, with some excerpts from in-universe books/papers to add an extra bit of perspective.

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