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Hanna, the CEO of Hofvarpnir Studios, just won the contract to write the official My Little Pony MMO. Hanna has built an A.I. Princess Celestia and given her one basic drive: to satisfy everybody's values through friendship and ponies. Princess Celestia will satisfy your values through friendship and ponies, and it will be completely consensual.
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Don't be turned away by the setting
BadSpeiling | 3 months ago

My expectations about a fanfic of my little pony were pretty low and i almost gave it a pass. The setting requires no knowledge or care about MLP and is infact set in the real world. It only uses MLP to highlight how terrifying a general AI can be even if it has a "good" objective.

1 DuskStar
It's a surprisingly good description of AI risk
DuskStar | 6 months ago

"satisfy everybody's values through friendship and ponies" - how could it possibly go wrong? So, so horribly wrong? Very predictably to anyone who's read things from Eliezer Yudkowsky, that's how.

1 God_Of_Donuts