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“This job... we try to save as many people as we can. Sometimes that doesn't mean everybody. But if we can't find a way to live with that, next time... maybe nobody gets saved.”At the end of the day Steve did save everybody. He saved Bucky from Tony, his team from the government, the world from the Sokovia Accords. Some time would probably have to pass for things to blow over, and then everything would go back to normal. Couple of days. Tops. After all Team Cap saved everybody, showing the world how dangerous the accords were, how easily they could be abused. Even their supporters had to come to their senses now. Yet five days after Siberia nobody feels safe. Things don’t calm down and suddenly it’s again Steve against the rest of the world. Only now it’s not some international organisation or government but the people. The ones he had saved. Slowly Captain America must realize that they don’t feel saved but angry, hurt and scared. The people demand justice for those who were really trying to save them and paid the price for it.
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I think the ultimate test of a fic should be whether it appeals to people who don't agree with it's premise. I don't think Tony Stark is evil, but I've read good fics where he goes off the deep end. I don't think Steve Rogers was right during Captain America: civil War, but I've read good fic and meta about why he believed he was correct. This fic, very much fails the test. It's a bash fic, plain and simple. Tony Stark is right and everyone's opinions are shaped around how much they like him. Hope Van Dyne? Okay. Pepper and Rhodey? Okay as long as they share his viewpoints to the tee. CIA operative Everett Ross. Morally unambiguous. Sharon Carter? A traitor to womankind for thinking Steve Rogers might be right. What was that turn of phrase? Yes, the fic actually suggests that Natasha Romanov and Sharon Carter set feminism back a decade. I'm not kidding. T'challa is hated by his people. T'challa. This fic bashes T'challa. Honestly the writer is technically competent and could have made this fic really interesting if the opposing side had motivations and some characters were shrouded in shades of grey instead of being pure evil for opposing the mighty whumped lord Tony Stark.

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