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After Bellwether is arrested, Nick finds that he doesn't know what to do next, instead just putting one paw in front of the other. Confronted with the knowledge that his 20 years of being alone cannot protect him from a certain rabbit's winning smile, he finds himself in a deal to talk about the past that he never put into words. / cover by Red Velvet Panda
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An excellent character-intensive work!
Dancou-Maryuu | 5 months ago *

This work had its fair share of darkness, which would normally turn me off, but it counterbalanced it nicely by showing just how determined Nick is to turn his life around.

WildeHopps4Eva | 5 months ago

This is a good story. A great story, even. It has well-developed characters, an engaging plot, and a pretty unobtrusive writing style. However, where it falls a little short is in how well it adheres to canon. Honestly, you're probably better off thinking of this story as being a minor AU than a true continuation. There are a number of rough patches where the darker story that's being told juts up against the lighter material of the movie, and the justifications that get spun are a little weak. It is, however, still well worth reading, and while the Nick of the story might not exactly be the Nick of them movie he's still very much an interesting character to follow.