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Tain's attack on the Founders' homeworld meets with success. An AU novella.
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A pretty damn good Cardassian story
bullethead | 7 months ago

In terms of really good Cardassian centric stories, there are three that I feel everyone should read: A Stitch in Time (Garak's backstory, as written by the actor who portrayed him), The Never-Ending Sacrifice (the story of the Cardassian orphan who lived on Bajor and got sent back to Cardassia), and this one. The author really nails the feel of the Cardassian society portrayed and alluded to in DS9, and takes the plot in an interesting direction with the AU they've created. The only way it'd be stronger is if it tied into A Stitch in Time (some of the backstory/character history for Garak doesn't line up), but it's strong enough to stand on its own - you won't be lost or wondering what's going on if you've never read the other two stories.

1 error_cascade
error_cascade | 7 months ago

Excellent plotting and writing. The conclusion is fitting for the work. Note for those who care, this is a homophobic/socially conservative Cardassia.