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During a beer-fueled vacation in the woods with their college friends, Paul and Marcy tumble into a racy affair of carefree, no-strings-attached sex, as an escape from their own separate heartbreaks.
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Hot! And True To The Original Characters!
BabyKaren | 5 months ago

Paul and Marcy have this really intense love scene in the movie. Except they never see each other again afterwards and it leaves you wondering whether or not they would've been a couple otherwise. This fanfic doesn't exactly answer that question, but it recreates their affair in a way that allows you to see more of a relationship developing between them, but without sacrificing any of the spontaneity that made their canon affair so sexy! If you finished "Cabin Fever" and wished you could've seen a lot more of Paul and Marcy, then this is definitely the fanfic for you!