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Sherlock Holmes, I swear if you EVER do that to me again on a crime scene, I’m going to handcuff you and tie you down to your chair until you apologize. -JW John's off-handed threat spirals a bit out of control. Or maybe neither of them were all that in-control to start with. Either way, it ends up with Sherlock tied to a chair, John being delightfully creative, and Sherlock doing his darndest (and failing miserably) to stay aloof and unaffected. Which is hard when you have a lapful of very warm, VERY horny flatmate. (Part of my "John and Sherlock's Kinky First Times" series of shorts, all revolving around the same basic theme of "John and Sherlock get sexy for the first time and also discover some kinky stuff about each other.")
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error_cascade | 6 months ago

Pretty good story. I found the funny bits more worthwhile than the sexy bits. Glad I read it, probably won't read it again.