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There are no Jedi; no Sith. There are Abnormals—persons born with a midi-chlorian count proscribed at a dangerous level by the Galactic Empire. Those persons are euthanized immediately upon discovery. That is, until they come for the son of the last Jedi.
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Original Story Set Hundreds of Years After the Original Trilogy
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The story begins by introducing the protagonist, Tobin S'Artin. In this world set in 462 ABY, anyone with a high midichlorian count is referred to as an Abnormal. By law under Imperial rule, all abnormals are to killed. This story covers much of Tobin's life as he struggles against the Empire and tries to save those born with the gift of the force. In general, the story is well written. However, there are a few issues. The first is that there are a lot of named characters that don't get a whole lot of focus. This occasionally makes it difficult to read certain sections as I found that I had to either go back and refresh myself on who this person was or to just try to pick it up through context. Also, as this story spans many years, it does feel like certain scenes or events do not get as much time as they need to be better developed and explored. With all that being said, it still is a very good story. The characters really make the story interesting. The entire story is composed of OCs (other than a couple notable exceptions). Tobin is a very pleasant main character (though somewhat lacking in any real flaws) and the other characters in the story mostly all feel unique and interesting (though some do lag behind in this regard). They do all add a lot to the story and make the world truly feel alive which. The book features numerous interesting settings, situations, and conflicts which I have not often encountered before. That novelty really made the story feel exciting and urged me to keep reading. The antagonists are somewhat lacking however. They do not all receive a significant amount of focus in the story and they aren't fully explored to the degree that many of the protagonists are. This led to the book feeling like more of a focus on Tobin's life and journey than on the conflicts he faced. Overall, the story is good, the writing is strong, and the setting was interesting enough to make me constantly want to read and learn more. Considering this is set in a new time period, the author did an excellent job in making the characters, planets, and events all very memorable. While it is not perfect, I would highly recommend it.

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