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Inspired by a post on Tumblr, this is a AU story set during Harry's sixth year at Hogwarts, with one big, foul-mouthed difference. Instead of Horace Slughorn, the position of Potions professor will be taken on by... Gordon Ramsay.
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Dina-M | 6 months ago *

I don't like real-person fics as a rule. This is the exception that confirms that rule... this is absolutely brilliant. Gordon Ramsay, or rather a character based on Gordon Ramsay's TV persona, takes the job as the Potions master instead of Horace Slughorn. The canon plot with Harry and Dumbledore finding out about Horcruxes goes on with relatively few changes, but the fic itself focuses more on Ron and how he gets involved in a school-wide cooking contest that Professor Ramsay starts... and in so doing actually starts building up under more inter-House unity and cooperation. Writing's really good, characterizations are awesome, and I'll admit it feels nice to have a fic where we get outside Harry's head, especially since Ron gets to move out of his shadow and actually start forming some relationships and making some progress completely independent of Harry. Bit of a warning: There are a LOT of characters in this story, both canon characters and OCs, and a lot of them get a turn as POV characters. A few readers have been frustrated with this, especially since the story grinds to a halt before the cooking contest starts in order to have one chapter centering around each of the twelve cooking contestants. Even I, who like ensemble casts, got a little impatient after a while... but then the contest started and I realized how much more I appreciated the story since I knew all the contestants, just what their motivations were and what they were hoping to achieve. It really helped making the fic feel more involved and personal. So despite the temporary frustration I award the fic five stars. If you're less patient than me, or just want to see all Harry all the time, you probably won't enjoy it as much.