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Julian Bashir wasn't undamaged by his genetic enhancements- he was just far better at hiding it. The Lethean's attack is the catalyst for the old darkness to resurface and Julian decides to play a dangerous game with one Elim Garak. Julian's ambitions are far more than he can handle but will he realize it before it's too late? Garak/Bashir with side bits of Bashir/Leeta and others. Alternate Reality diverging from 3x18.
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error_cascade | 6 months ago

I think my primary problems with this fic are 1) elements not to my taste and 2) the writing style feels repetitive. As for being not to my taste, I'm sure there are people who would enjoy this. The only reason it's getting a low rating is because the writing is rather repetitive. It feels like I'm watching events unfold in real time, which is very hard to pull off and the writer falls a little bit short. There is some artful and talented scenes in there, so if the tags interest you I would consider giving a few chapters a try.