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At long last Kira, Garak and Bashir are ready to take on the Dominion. Faced with the combined power of the Federation and the Dominion, their only hope lies in stealth rather than a frontal attack. Using a stolen Dominion fighter, the Scarab, they prepare to head for the wormhole to the Gamma Quadrant. Their goal: to destroy the Founders. It's a risky plan, but they know they won't be without help as a small group of Starfleet vessels affiliated with Vulcan is prepared to stand by them. At first everything seems to go according to plan, but then a treachery at the very heart of their coalition causes events to spiral out of control. Disaster strikes, and it strikes hard and deadly. Soon they don't fight for their freedom but just for survival.
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Excellent Story
error_cascade | 6 months ago

Hands down, the best AU fic I've read for DS9. The only reason it loses a star is because this part of the installment requires you to play along with a predictable plot point for a couple chapters.