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(S9!Taylor) Taylor triggered in the locker with the ability to control every person within fifty yards. Her life rapidly spirals out of control, as various parties play games with her life. She quickly realizes that as long as she can't have peace in her own world, then she will have to establish her own dominion.
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Very unique take on Taylor in the S9
effulgent_dawn | 9 months ago

This fic answers the question of how much morally grey can darken before turning completely black. And the answer is pretty damn far; Taylor is stuck in one terrible situation after another in traditional Worm fashion, but with subplots and twists along the way that yank the reader into the yarn.

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High quality grim-dark, leaves you on the edge of your seat
BadSpeiling | 10 months ago
1 effulgent_dawn
Original altpower scenario
Nemrut | 10 months ago

The premise is rather original as far as altpower ideas go and Taylor's struggle is compelling even if it never really quite feels like her. I get why but it creates a disconnect regardless. Then there is the matter that while interesting, it is also not really that fun to read and there is definitely a way to write this without it just being a bit of a downer. It's interesting but despite the heavy subject matter, it is also not particularly memorable, weirdly enough. There are stories less original that I remember far better, even though I've even reread this when its most recent update was posted.

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Super dark
rangerscience | 10 months ago

Characters all feel like they should; they have the same "vibe", although the change in Taylor's power has massive ripple effects.