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Harry grows up watching anime and fantasizing about having superpowers. When his Hogwarts letter arrives, he jumps at the chance to live the life of a harem protagonist. Not a harem fic. Timeline moved forward to modern day.
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Pervert!Weeaboo!Harry goes through Hogwarts
GrindelwaldDidNothingWrong | 5 months ago *

This fic has a perverted, jerkish Harry go through school and get into embarrassing situations because of his anime-inspired inclinations. It also parodies tropes like rare wand cores, super animagus forms, and Gringotts inheritance tests. If the humor clicks with you, you'll have a blast, although the fic doesn't offer much on other fronts.

Is it good? not really, do recommend though
sim211 | 4 months ago
MultiplyByZer0 | 5 months ago

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