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Voldemort strikes and Harry falls. When he comes back to himself he isn't at Kings Cross with Dumbledore. Instead he's at the Dursleys, going to Stonewall High instead of Hogwarts. Why?
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Unique Take on Alternates
effulgent_dawn | 5 months ago

This story is well-written. Characters are relatively fleshed out, although they could have more depth in the alternate world. Does a very good job of drawing the reader into the mystery of Harry's Perspective.

Unexpected Dimension Travel
azersamar | 5 months ago

The premise is pretty simple, Harry is sent to an alternate dimension where he is treated better by the Dursley after he is killed in the Forbidden Forest. But, when ten years later he died and sent to another world again, we can see a certain pattern forming. This is a good story if you love mistery. We can feel Harry's confusion each and everytime he died; What world will be the next? What's the difference? Where's Ginny? Is Snape evil? How about Tom Riddle? The romance between Harry and Ginny is sweet, how they found each other (or rather how Harry found Ginny) and fell in love again is unique. Friendship between the Trio is explored in some different ways; a new and budding friendship, an established one, and a somewhat-friendship found within a rebellion. The resolution for all question you has only take place in the last two chapter. But it is satisfying nonetheless.

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MultiplyByZer0 | 5 months ago

The main character should be "Harry P.", not "Harry S,"