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The brother wands had a farther reaching affect than anyone could have predicted. Harry's fifth year will be a time filled with vampires, ancient magics, new love, and the most dangerous thing in the world-a woman scorned...HFleur and HGirl!blaise
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GrindelwaldDidNothingWrong | 4 months ago *

What is there is far from terrible, but be warned that it ends before resolving *any* of the plot points (Harry's new powers, romances, the future of Malfoy's sister) which I feel makes reading this ultimately pointless.

Not a harem/threesome fic. FemBlaise
God_Of_Donuts | 5 months ago *

Harry gains some unusual powers he can't control, a vampire lord offers to teach him if he marries his daughter (Fem blaise) but he is already in love with another. Basically follows harry trying to sort out his life while dealing with the issues of his powers and dating. I really like this classic as while the story and writing are not perfect it's one a few fics that puts harry in a difficult position where he actually has to makes choices and grow as a person, rather than just turning into a harem power wank where the MC can do what ever he wants. Unfortunately it is abandoned at a rather unsatisfying point.