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Magic is real. Discovered in the 1970s, magic is now a bona fide field of engineering. There's magic in heavy industry and magic in your home. It's what's next after electricity. Student mage Laura Ferno has designs on the future: her mother died trying to reach space using magic, and Laura wants to succeed where she failed. But first, she has to work out what went wrong. And who her mother really was. And whether, indeed, she's dead at all...
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Magic as an engineering discipline
DuskStar | 3 months ago

Sufficiently analyzed magic is just technology - eventually, anyways. That might be a long ways off, though. Fallible primary character, and a consistent plot. I'd give this a strong recommend.

DuskStar | 2 months ago

Hmm. I suppose I'll have to add it to the description then - QNTM is the search string that I would use to find this, since that's the author's username

MultiplyByZer0 | 2 months ago

Strike "(qntm)" from the title and change the fandom to "Original Fiction".