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The sun rises over Brockton Bay.
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It's perfect
Talon of Anathrax | 8 months ago

The opposite of a guilty pleasure. Great writing, excellent characterization, an interesting and original plot... What more could you want? It's even a feelgood fic! I now nothing about Okami, and that was no problem.

What if Worm was a happy story?
ND3s | 8 months ago

So far as of chapter forty seven I like the story. I can't wait until the author updates again. I don't know much about Okami but the author blends it well with the worm universe. Disclaimer: My opinions could change after chapter forty seven.

One of the happiest Worm fanfics around
cbradyyog | 8 months ago

Constellations is light-hearted and fun, which is somewhat rare in the Worm fandom. Plenty of happy and/or hilarious moments to be found here.

Feel-good fun with an adorable pair
themanwhowas | 8 months ago

This fic is absolutely bursting at the seams with warm and fuzzy feelings and well-timed humor. Good Dog memes abound for a damn good reason.

Fun enough altpower Taylor story
Nemrut | 10 months ago

The biggest strength of the story is that it is charming and fun, which goes a long way to cover for its many weaknesses and flaws. Taylor stumbling into miko-hood and sorta becoming a community leader/figure is fun enough. The story never takes itself too seriously so it manages to remain lighthearted and fun but it's also unlikely to stick with you. Barring the update notification, the story is also very forgettable.

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Tea time is courtesy time
Rakkis157 | 10 months ago *

Constellations is a fanfic about healing the scars of Brockton Bay and the various people that live there, focused around the story of a white wolf named Sunshine and her pet human slash shrine maiden Taylor Hebert. This is a very relaxing story with plenty of comedy while still having a lot of development, which is very well written with few grammar and spelling errors. I would greatly recommend it for people who are looking for fanfics that you can read and feel warm and fuzzy inside while reading it. I do not, however, recommend this fic if you are looking for action, as there is barely any of that at all in this fic.

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a pleasant comedy
man | 10 months ago

does have some tension to parts, but mostly a (feel-good?) friendship drama with added mysticism. Grammar is absolutely fine, and writing skill is a plus. Quite cute, very much on the side of the-dog-doesn't-die. Characters feel realistic, but it might seem like everyone is a little too nice. That's part of the fun, though. Would highly recommend if you're tired of stories that care only about flashy fight scenes, deadly powers, battles of wits, and all that jazz.

2 ficdb_admin Sir_Arhtur
bullethead | 8 months ago

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