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AU. Betrayed and abandoned by all but one, he gave up the human world for a lost heritage. Now when the wizarding world knows of his innocence, will he help them in their fight against Voldemort? Azkaban, elves, teaching at Hogwarts. HPOC
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Bland Characters Good Premise
tyjo99 | 2 months ago

While I like the premise of this story, I am completely turned off by the style of writing and the general characterization of all of the characters. I would have liked the story more if it had been told from a different perspective. However, the extreme reliance on tropes and the poor character development or even character introduction makes this a chore to read. The characters are lightly characterized and barely introduced to the reader before serving as an important plot point. Overall, I enjoyed thinking and imagining the premise of this story more that I liked actually reading it.