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There's still a lot to explore and experience in a world full of magic even if you never become a main character. In Hufflepuff house, you'll make friendships that will last a lifetime. Also, we have a table of infinite snacks. Self-Insert Gen/Friendship
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A solid fic
kabs | 2 months ago
Competence without Cringe
lauert | 5 months ago

An enjoyable story with an SI/OC who doesn't come into the story kicking asses and fixing everything, all while giving the middle finger to the "plot holes" of the original wizarding world. The MC, Kasey Thompson, is just a regular person with regular skills, and her main focus is on getting through the school while making friends along the way. Her characterization can be charming at times, though juvenile at others -- which isn't out of place when surrounded by a bunch of 11 year olds. Those who like SI's who follow the spirit of the Self-Insert genre will like this fic, a genuine attempt at writing the Fish out of Water scenario with realism and consequences. Those who want power fantasies will not like this. Those who love the original HP magical world may be ambivalent, because there's nothing as jarring in a classic British boarding school adventure as a snarky, American millennial dropping anachronistic pop cultural references to a clueless crowd. But hey, if that's your jam, then read this fic.

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SI Hufflepuff explores the small and great wonders of the Wizarding World.
ficdb_admin | 7 months ago *

It's a delightful little read, and really does a good job of capturing the feeling of happiness and wonder that was central to the first 3 Harry Potter books. Updates biweekly-ish! The SI aspect is not always my cup of tea, but the author does a good job of keeping things character-driven and it starts to fade away around chapter three.

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Better than first glance.
effulgent_dawn | 6 months ago

First impressions were of a cliche-filled self insert. Those impressions were promptly shattered in the first few chapters, and I couldn't stop reading till the end. This fic has a strong sense of humor and originality that is sorely lacking in most HP stories.

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Incredibly charming and fun
Nemrut | 7 months ago

It's not a super-serious story as the focus of it is definitely the slice-of-life-like focus on the daily life in Hogwarts of the SI who knows about the HP plotpoints and who is carving out her own life in Hufflepuff but it does so with nearly unmatched charm and fun that I have rarely seen in fanfiction. It captures the pure fun side of magic that even canon lost later on. It's little touches like magical hair coloring and an almost perfect take on the various characters that really sell the story. The SI herself is immensely likeable, the relationships she is building with other characters is endearing and her way of interacting with canon and various characters is really organic. Being in Hufflepuff, she has yet to interact with Harry and Ron, for example, whereas the way she encounters Hermione feels natural. The dialog is charming and makes me laugh, it is always fun to read and while the beginning is a bit rough and a bit dated, I can imagine that the Gringotts stuff can turn people off, but honestly, I didn't mind and the second she reaches Hogwarts it's just pure joy from there on. It's a 5/5 from me, as it makes me laugh and smile whenever I see an update and probably my favorite story to follow at the moment, although I wouldn't begrudge anyone a 4/5.

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dsfjr1190 | 7 months ago *

A surprisingly likable SI and a dash of charm keeps this slice of life story fun to read every update.