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An accident with the Second Magic sends Shirou to another dimension. Trapped in a different world and a younger body, how will he manage to get back home? Perhaps the Hogwarts library has an "Inter-dimensional Travel" section.
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Slow but enjoyable
rettshift | 6 months ago

Many have complained about this fics length and pacing with it still being in the second year at 240k words. Which is fairly slow, but things happen every chapter and every update. There is a lot of character development and exploration happening, mostly for Iris Potter, a different take on Harry that is different enough I'm not sure I could call them just "genderbent Harry". Iris is an interesting character, and Susanoh does a good job writing her as an actual child. Shirou Emiya is our other protagonist, but focus on him varies. Often it feels like he takes a step back from the main plot and quietly works away on his projects in the background, interacting with the main events sparsely and only as needed. Other characters, from both universes(though it's the HP!Universe versions of Fate characters aside from Shirou) show up as well, and the main cast grows quite large. Just a little too large in my opinion, it's hard to keep that many characters relevant. All in all it's a good read if you have some time and don't mind slower paced character focused works.

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Fun and Lighthearted
cbradyyog | 8 months ago

Swords and Sorcery isn't really canon-compliant to Fate or HP. The HP world is an AU with a female version of Harry, and also includes alternate versions of many Fate characters, such as Rin and Illya. Shirou's capabilities also seem significantly upgraded from Fate canon. These changes likely put off some readers, but if you can look past them, then it's a very fun read, with excellent comedy and character interactions, and some good world building.

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