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What if Gohan didn't go to highschool until after Majin Buu had been defeated? How would the entire battle have changed, and how would the now Ultimate Gohan fare among his classmates? Now he has more secrets than he knows what to do with, and someone in particular is determined to find every single one of them out. Slight AU, GxV
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Gohan in High School - 'Nuff Said
Kami_no_Kage | 8 months ago

Gohan arrived at high school a few years later - after Majin Buu. High school's even harder than that was. If you liked the Gohan high school stuff in the anime, you'll like this. It connects filler stuff to the story pretty nicely, stuff like Gohan meeting Tao. The latest arc was the Janemba movie, and it overstayed its welcome a bit. Otherwise, it's a fun little story, I enjoyed.

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