· 5 reviews · [ Worm Dungeon Keeper ] · by Aku-dono
teen · ongoing · 200k words · updated 29 days ago
Taylor reincarnates as a magical dungeon at the heart of a political conspiracy that threatens to topple empires.
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There aren't many good dungeon fics out there
DuskStar | 2 months ago

Honestly, this started as a dungeon fic, but the focus has been moving further and further from that as time goes on. A fun read.

Good fic, slow pace
Rekands | 7 months ago

Both the pace of updates and the pace of story make this one a slow, but good, story.

This really shouldn't be as good as it is...
ficdb_admin | 8 months ago

On paper, Dungeon fics are crazy enough. Taylor as a Dungeon is even more insane. "I Woke Up As a Dungeon, Now What?" decided to take it a step further by including a political conspiracy and LOTR-level worldbuilding to really stretch the limits of literary imagination. I don't know how this cocktail of ingredients manages to be this fun, but it's one of my favorite fics that is regularly updating.

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