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Do you want your little ones to read books; and they want to read the Harry Potter Books; but you do not want them to turn into witches? Well – this is the story for you! This story has all the adventure of JKR's books, but will not lead your children astray. For concerned mommies everywhere! Blessings! Grace Ann
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Honestly hilarious and really well done
biscuitlevitation | 3 months ago

I love the narrative of a frustrated Christian housewife contemplating adultery going on in the author's notes, and the actual fic itself is just as fun to read, especially if you used to be religious yourself.

highly amusing if you don't try to take it seriously
zekses | 7 months ago

Obviously this fic is a troll post and shouldn't be taken seriously, but as a trollpost it's glorious. Rather sad that it's unfinished, I would like to read more.

1 biscuitlevitation