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Taylor is killed and she slips through the cracks, falling into the ever widening Abyss. She's called soon after by a Thorburn Heiress.
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Not Even Pact Escapes the reach of Taylor
frustratedFreeboota | 7 months ago

It's like Pact, only instead of Blake we get Taylor. There's a fair few spoilers for Pact, though Pact itself is not needed to read this fic. I liked it considerably, though there's something a little odd about one of the few fanfic stories for Pact being about Worm's protagonist taking over the story. I'm a bit of a fan of Blake's story. That said, it's neat to see Taylor in a role like this, the Abyss is as creepy as to be expected, and there are enough Goblins for an entire department store's worth of washers.

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Scary!Taylor escalates against the horrors of the Pact world...
ficdb_admin | 7 months ago

And more than holds her own. Huge fan of Pact, so it's nice seeing ManMagnificent give the fandom some much needed TLC. Features Molly, not Blake with Taylor as one of Molly's first summons.