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The results of her trip into the locker yield a different sort of administration for Taylor Hebert. Overwhelming power isn't a solution to all of your problems. Sometimes it creates more than it solves. A lesson that Taylor is going to learn all too well.
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Worth reading
sim211 | 7 months ago

Why do so many stories with OP characters always turn so much darker towards the end? well this story falls into that trope...

It's an OP!Taylor fic, but done well.
Talon of Anathrax | 8 months ago

This is as good as overpowered protagonist stories get! Enjoy it!

Taylor Just Wants to be Left Alone
Kami_no_Kage | 8 months ago

Taylor has received a strong power - the ability to control vectors. The power of another man from another world who is known as Accelerator. And Taylor, is just too strong. Conflict isn't a problem for this Taylor. Her problem is more emotional. She's tired, she wants to be left alone, but a strong power attracts an interesting life. Taylor needs to come to terms with how strong she is, and where her place in life is. Nothing so easy as punching it in the face. It's a solid story that doesn't overstay its welcome, though I wish it'd get a sequel. Definitely worth a read.

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