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Completely Unoriginal is an affectionate parody of the CYOA/SI/MC genre, taking an overused, underappreciated premise and trying to do something interesting with it. This is a Self-Insert, with power-manipulation abilities, in Brockton Bay. Expect fucking about.
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Worthy read
sim211 | 4 months ago

While I really liked this, it was missing a certain something that didn't make me want to skip sleep to read this (I didn't really emotionally get attached to any character).

A Romp to End All Romps
T0PH4T | 4 months ago

There is the assumption that Self-Insert fanfiction is wish fulfillment disguised as a story, usually as a method for the author to get up on their soap box and complain about all the 'flaws' in the canon piece. It's a highly negative view, but also not the most inaccurate one. Completely Unoriginal does away with the bullshit and asks the question "how awesome would it be to have powers? Like, how actually awesome would that be?" Fax smokes weed. Fax sleeps around. Fax laughs at the strange situations they find themselves in, and when reality comes in and reminds them that they can't just hedonist their way through the world they react like a believable, well-adjusted human being would. Even then though the story refuses to be abjectly miserable, allowing for heartbreak and mistakes without losing the giggly fun of using a bullshit combination of powers to become AKU, SHAPE-SHIFTING MASTER EVIL! Completely Unoriginal, despite its name, manages to be a breath of fresh air, earnest and happy and sad and whatever it needs to be. It is a very human story, full of wacky fun and characters that receive far more depth than they did in canon, if not precisely accurate characterization. If you're looking for a change of pace, read Completely Unoriginal. It's worth your time.

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A CYOA/SI/Whatever that actually manages to be good.
keira | 5 months ago
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