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Taylor triggers as a tinker and becomes a supervillain. But not just any old supervillain. No. She's THE TECHNO QUEEN!! (krakathoom!) Worm AU, served with a heaping side of ham and cheese.
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Definite crackfic, but fun
Median Nick | 8 months ago *

Some great scenes and interactions, but suffers a little from being too episodic and a bit too cracky in places. Still makes me laugh though

An overplayed gimmick that just kept going
keira | 8 months ago

Maybe I hate fun, but this fic should have been half the length and it would've been great. It starts off great but never really goes past the same two or three gags. IDK.

the most solid crackfic I've read
SufficientGravitas | 8 months ago

that is to say, it's a fun story, with a very strong first few arcs, and a strong idea for moving forward. the only reason this story doesn't get a 5 star rating would be how it meanders after a certain point, knowing what it needs to do, but not really buckling down to do it. for it's earlier sections though, it earns it's 4 stars.

NewVeteran | 8 months ago

Worm is, fundamentally, a reconstruction of the superhero genre. It takes often-exaggerated tropes from comic books, like hammy villains threatening the world with doomsday devices, the obsession with secret identities, and the sheer ridiculousness of full-grown adults fighting each other in brightly-colored tights, and either gets rid of them or justifies them thoroughly. It tries to turn superhero stories into something realistic, something that's reminiscent of the classic comic books yet much more believable. THE TECHNO QUEEN (krakathoom!) glances briefly in that direction before immediately deciding "You know what? *Screw* that," performing an abrupt 180-degree turn at top speed, and barreling off the road into full-blown crack territory. I've read plenty of Worm fanfics before, but few of them stand out in the way that the Techno Que--sorry, THE TECHNO QUEEN! (krakathoom!) does. (You have to say it like that or else you’re saying it wrong, and yes, the ominous thunder in the background is mandatory.) The concept, introducing a delightfully hammy villain into the typically-dark Wormverse, is one with an abundance of potential, and Prim-the-Amazing lives up to their username by pulling it off spectacularly. The first few arcs in particular are absolutely hilarious. An eccentric, lighthearted tone that's pretty much the exact opposite of Worm's ties the whole thing together neatly. The fic's only real flaw is that it overstays its welcome. THE TECHNO QUEEN's! (krakathoom) shenanigans start losing a bit of their original charm by arc 6, because it's hard to write a crack fic that stretches on for over sixty chapters without becoming stale. It's still solid past that point, just not quite as brilliantly funny as the beginning was. That being said, the first half is still utterly fantastic, and I'd recommend it without hesitation to anyone in need of a healthy serving of humor. For a more serious but still humorous approach to a similar concept, I would suggest reading Dire Worm.