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After getting rejected from Signal again, Jaune Arc starts seeing strange blue screens, titles and levels appear above people's heads, and weird things begin to happen to him, as if he was in a game. Jaune realizes he has become a Gamer, with all the RPG-Mechanics Verse shenanigans that involves. At first ecstatic about finally unlocking his Semblance, his life takes an unwanted turn when he accidentally gets himself involved with the White Fang and their struggle. Annoying as this is, little does he know that this is far from the limit of the "fun" he will encounter…
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Possibly the best Gamer fic to be written
tn5421 | 2 months ago

I got a massive dose of care fatigue trying to read this in one go, in part due to how long it is. Space it out and read a handful of chapters a day, at most, and it will flow a lot better.

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Fun, but really does go on for a long time
Median Nick | 7 months ago

The bromance between Jaune and Adam is honestly the best part of the story. The ovearching plot is a nice attempt at explaining the world of RWBY, but there really are too many fights without enough to differentiate them, or a real sense of drama. I'll read it again, but not for a while.

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This is really, really long. Still worth it.
DuskStar | 7 months ago

Jaune Arc gets the ability to live life as a game. As expected, massive power growth ensues. As is slightly less expected, curbstomping absolutely everything is not possible. The threats scale with his abilities, and nothing seemed overly contrived. Completely ignores (IIRC) everything after season 1 or so. Also apparently the second fic that Ryuugi has ever finished, so, yay?

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