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Neo and Yang both lost everything thanks to Cinder Fall. Neo believes the only way for them to get revenge is to work together, but she and Yang quickly find their relationship developing beyond a mere alliance of convenience. Baked Alaska. Set after Volume 3.
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Baked Alaska, a ship I was originally against...
shandromand | 7 months ago

There are quite a few RWBY fanfics out there that put Yang and Neopolitan together in the love boat, but few approach this level of quality. Chapters start off nice and light, and the story eventually builds up. Nothing is taken for granted, and the best parts are the conflict/resolution, none of which is perfect - just like real life. I seldom read romance, but this is well worth the time to read. As a longtime passenger aboard the V.S.S. Arkos, I was so impressed with the craft behind this story that occasionally I take a float over to the B.A. ;)