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Starts off pretty good, then goes off the rails

Keep in mind that I have not read this story in years, and therefore don't know what's in new content or if there've been revisions to earlier material. That said, there's a plain, simple reason for that - the story abandons its premise (Shinji Ikari is influenced by Warhammer 40K) for a different one that is used as an excuse to cram in as many references to non-Evangelion/WH40K stuff as possible (Evangelion is now a Warhammer 40K prequel). For me, there's a world difference between the two - one is interesting in terms of character dynamics and how it changes canon, and the other makes the story unbearably grimderp, bloated, obnoxious, and convoluted as the story keeps growing in scale, stakes, and WH40K-ness. For all the good prose, it can't make up for the fact that the story's balancing of the Evangelion and WH40K elements has skewed hard towards WH40K to the story's detriment - hopefully, now that you're forewarned, you'll be able to spot it happening as you go through and determine if/when you want to bail out, instead of suddenly realizing the shift has happened long after the story is entrenched in it, like I did. That said, there are plenty of good battle scenes, and some initially interesting Shinji characterization, at least before he starts becoming (IIRC *literally*) the God Emperor of Mankind.

Not a harem/threesome fic. FemBlaise

Harry gains some unusual powers he can't control, a vampire lord offers to teach him if he marries his daughter (Fem blaise) but he is already in love with another. Basically follows harry trying to sort out is life while dealing with the issues of his powers and dating. I really like this classic as while the story and writing are not perfect it's one a few fics that puts harry in a difficult position where he actually has to makes choices and grow as a person, rather than just turning into a harem power wank where the MC can do what ever he wants. Unfortunately it is abandoned at a rather unsatisfying point.

Cool concept, with a single glaring flaw...
anathea | 3 days ago | Saving Connor

I like everything about this fic, except the way that Draco Malfoy is written. He is so immensely irritating in this that I literally had to rage quit. If he were a villain, it would be one thing, but he's supposed to be a good guy! The pairing is HP/DM! But he's the worst little shit, who treats Harry incredibly badly, and Harry just... takes it. I wish wish wish I could overlook this because I really do like everything else about this fic so much, but every time Draco is on screen (which is a lot) I just get so frustrated.

One of my absolute favourites

Very original twist on common fantasy tropes, especially the class system, mixed with compelling characters, extensive world building and so much snarky humor. What's not to like?

A solid Enterprise fix fic

While it doesn't have the best prose (it's lacking a bit of polish), The Open Door nails it in terms of characters, action, and worldbuilding. The story starts out in fairly familiar territory if you've seen Enterprise, namely the start of Broken Bow, then diverges wildly, while incorporating some story elements of season 1 episodes. The author builds up a pretty compelling cast of characters, building on and improving the characterization of the canon characters, while adding plenty of interesting secondary characters to add more perspectives on events. It also does a great job of building up a complex but believable relationship between humans and Klingons that feels like a perfect setup for their rivalry in TOS and their friendship in TNG.

A rare, but good crossover

First of all, ANY Space: Above and Beyond fic is worth checking out, just to assess how good or bad it is, due to sheer rarity. Second, this one is pretty good and gets pretty far before it peters out. Third, there's few idiot balls being held, and the ones that do show up are mostly in the Cylons' hands, which makes complete and total sense if you watched the show and know that the supposed "Plan" didn't exist. Fourth, there's a notable lack of polish that doesn't hurt the story too much, but it does bring it down a few notches if you read the chapters in a row. Also, this has a hilariously awesome Cylon character called Firecracker, who is probably one of the most interesting and memorable Cylons ever. You just feel for her as she has to deal with the other Cylons while jonesing for a drinking.

Really Engaging Plot

The thing I loved most about this fic, was the author's willingness to follow the canonical plot, while also making very large changes. I've seen a lot of fics in the fandom that take cannon as gospel, and as such, they hardly if at all change the major battles/conflicts. PitViperOfDoom doesn't do this. They are unafraid of changing things to make more sense in their story, something I really admire, as it makes the same old fights feel new and engaging again. It makes you feel like you don't know what's actually going to happen, because if they feel comfortable changing something hardly anyone does, what else could they change?

Disturbing but Noteworthy
error_cascade | 13 days ago | Broken Trust

Interesting darkfic that fits into canon in content if not in tone. If it's not obvious at this point, content warning for child abuse.

Unique Take on Alternates

This story is well-written. Characters are relatively fleshed out, although they could have more depth in the alternate world. Does a very good job of drawing the reader into the mystery of Harry's Perspective.

Unexpected Dimension Travel
azersamar | 14 days ago | The Real Memory

The premise is pretty simple, Harry is sent to an alternate dimension where he is treated better by the Dursley after he is killed in the Forbidden Forest. But, when ten years later he died and sent to another world again, we can see a certain pattern forming. This is a good story if you love mistery. We can feel Harry's confusion each and everytime he died; What world will be the next? What's the difference? Where's Ginny? Is Snape evil? How about Tom Riddle? The romance between Harry and Ginny is sweet, how they found each other (or rather how Harry found Ginny) and fell in love again is unique. Friendship between the Trio is explored in some different ways; a new and budding friendship, an established one, and a somewhat-friendship found within a rebellion. The resolution for all question you has only take place in the last two chapter. But it is satisfying nonetheless.

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