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Over the top Goblins
God_Of_Donuts | 17 days ago * | Harry Crow

Harry, trained by goblins in magic that's better than wizards in every way ect. That said, if you're just looking to kill time its not too bad.

Takes place far into the future of the show...
ND3s | 21 days ago | Equestria 485,000

It's a very unique take of the series and had many surprising twists and turns. I could find no serious problems with the writing. The author also has several other great stories with some pretty great lore and backstory.

"Blood matters. Ability matters more"

Yes, it's a not!WBWL twin in Slytherin political fic where the Death Eaters are implied to not have been entirely racist bigots, and where ministry restrictions on magic are driving many of the conflicts in the series. It's also, IMO, quite well done and entertaining.

1 God_Of_Donuts
It's a WBWL fic, except it seems that it isn't

So instead it's just a "Harry isn't the boy who lived - that's his twin brother, who grew up with his father - but Harry still grew up with the Dursleys, and is now in Slytherin" fic. Better than it sounds, and I'm liking the shades of grey morality that the later works are getting into. ("blood matters, ability matters more" is strongly implied to be the Death Eater slogan, which... is certainly something)

1 God_Of_Donuts
Why did I read this? Why did I enjoy it?
rangerscience | 26 days ago | Harry Crow

Decent crack fic, if I'm using that term correctly? Prose could be better, but the comeuppances were solid. Skipped 26-99. Definitely cathartic.

If you like "goblins are awesome" tropes, this is the fic for you
DuskStar | 28 days ago | Harry Crow

And if you don't like those tropes, this fic is so full of them you'll vomit.

Parvati Rosenkrantz and Lavender Guildenstern
Dina-M | 1 month ago * | This Is Where

This is a companion piece to the Dean/Seamus fic "Before I knew." The two fics take place simultaneously and sometimes reference each other; they follow the same structure and tone... which means they have largely the same strengths and the same weaknesses. The "moments in time" exploring Lavender and Parvati's time at Hogwarts lead to some great character moments and some thankful exploration of two characters who were kind of shortchanged in canon...though this fic does feel slightly more substantial than the Dean/Seamus fic did. Maybe because the emotional beats are stronger, or maybe because this fic is notably darker and less happy... Parvati and Lavender don't hit it off immediately like Dean and Seamus did; there's more angst and hurt from both girls, and there more internalized homophobia (while Dean and Seamus accepted their sexualities easily, and Parvati isn't too bothered about finding out she's bisexual, but Lavender is NOT ready to accept herself as liking girls), but also, there seems to be a stronger theme, revolving around Lavender and Parvati being background characters stuck in a story that they can't influence one way or another. Lavender even gets almost meta in some of her comments in how they have been assigned unimportant roles and their lot is to live and die unnoticed.... It basically starts feeling a lot like a Harry Potter version of "Rosenkrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead." Which means, as should come as no surprise to the people who have seen the HP movies, we're heading for a tragic ending. I can definitely recommend this fic, but it should definitely be read together with "Before I Knew." I mean, you CAN read them as two separate stories, but they work better as companions.

Sweet and character-driven focus on two background characters
Dina-M | 1 month ago * | Before I Knew

A series of moments following Dean and Seamus through their Hogwarts years, and slightly beyond. Mostly it's about the two living their lives and enjoying each other's company, or having their own small triumphs and tribulations, while Harry gets on with the canon plots. If the story has a plot on it's own at all, it's the emotional journey Dean and Seamus go through as they grow older, slowly realize their sexualities and of course discover that they're into each other... but of course because they're both teenagers they have to go through unnecessarily long periods of time before they'll admit it to themselves, much less each other. It's a very cute fic. Seamus's accent is a little off, but the characters are great otherwise... even though I kind of wish there had been a little more than just these loosely connected moments. Something to get a little deeper into the characters and the plots, maybe even letting Dean and Seamus have some actual adventures of their own. But for what it is, it's REALLY well done. For the full experience, though, you should read its companion fic, "This is Where" as well. It's a Parvati/Lavender story that takes place at the same time as this story and has somewhat stronger themes.

Too angsty for my tastes, but well written and engaging
Dina-M | 1 month ago * | Stay Standing

I always thought Ron Weasley suffered from a bit of an inferiority complex. Like he doesn't really think he's worth all that much. And it doesn't really make it easier that he's the least talented and exceptional of a family of magical prodigies... not to mention that his best friends are the Boy Who Lived/Chosen One, and the cleverest witch her age. Problem is that canon doesn't do a whole lot ABOUT his insecurities. Usually, he's held up as the screw-up, the one who performs worse than the others, the one who's conveniently left out of the big action finale, and the one who gets abuse and humiliation dumped upon him in five hundred different small ways. Even when he DOES have successes they're either immediately overshadowed by Harry or Hermione doing something bigger and more important, or something happens that sours his victory (usually by someone or something hinting that he didn't really deserve it, or his family mocking him). While canon does to SOME degree explore how this has resulted in Ron having very low self-esteem, it doesn't allow him to actually overcome this problem in any meaningful way. So this fic takes Ron's canon situation and takes it to its logical conclusion: Ron has decided that he's totally unimportant compared to everyone else, and so when he's critically ill he keeps it a secret from them because they have lives and careers that are actually important and shouldn't have to put them on hold in order to worry about someone like him. He even actively pushes people away just so they won't get too close and find out how sick he really is -- and of course since they don't know what's going on they just get angry because he's acting like a jerk. I really like the writing of the fic, especially since they describe Ron's depression really well... but, well, it gets to be a bit too much. It's just a little too bleak and angsty, and the angst goes on a little too long. I think if the fic was a little shorter I could deal with the angst levels better, but 28 chapters of depression and angst is way past my limit. Pity, because there are lots of good ideas here, and some of the chapters work really well on their own.

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Weird. Good. Short, new, and updating.
rangerscience | 1 month ago | Declaration

Spencer has a really interesting power that's presenting itself in a very interesting way, and lends itself well to this style of writing. I like it.

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If the premise appeals, don't worry about not knowing each work mentioned in the crossover!
rbesque | 1 month ago * | Conference Call

The author introduces each setting and character quite well, and anyway, the connection is the delightful mechanism that the interactions revolve around. If you like the idea of strange and wonderful teenagers getting to know each other and a reality that expands ever larger, give this a whirl. It made me sigh with pleasure, and still makes me vibrate with anticipation for the next chapter, and the next, and the next--