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Kinktober Day#4 Prompt: Spanking “What’s up, Blondie?” Faith asked her once the were inside, sitting cross-legged on the unmade bed. “Some big ugly shit popped up and you need my help to kill it?” “No, um, no uglies. I just wanted to talk, you know, Slayer to Slayer.” “Aww, d’you miss me?” “Something like that,” Buffy answered drily. “No, actually I was wondering if I could ask you something. Not to be all… Giles-y or something, but do you think you could cool it with the, um, the slapping of my bum thing?” “I’m sorry, the what?” “The slapping. Of the bum. Mine. You know, that which you do all the time? Now that we’re friends, I thought I could introduce you this new thing called a hug. Very comfy.”
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