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"Great, just what he needed, something else trying to off the prat on the way home." Merlin, Arthur, a very large spot of prison-cell-shaped trouble, and a lot to work out. Basically, a fix-it for all of season 5.
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The Series Finale We DESERVED!
thelastreclist | 6 months ago

I am by no means the only one who still really really hates the series Finale (for a number of reasons) but this fic addresses and fixes all that! ...by ignoring all of season five entirely! Which is fine by me, while there were parts of the fifth season that were enjoyable, in it's whole, it's a mess and should never have been made. 'Facing the Truth' gives us an adventure with just focusing on Merlin and Arthur, showing their friendship and love for each other. It provides all the hurt/comfort and magic reveal drama that you need.