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Harry has felt for a long time that there was something strange about the Muggle world. But when he begins receiving strange messages from the notorious mass murderer, Sirius Black, he begins to wonder if the Wizarding world is what he believed it to be. COMPLETE! HP/Matrix Crossover
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Hogwarts is in The Matrix. A beautiful fusion between the Wizarding World and the Matrix
azersamar | 8 months ago

At first I started reading it because a HP/Matrix crossover is quite rare. But after a few chapter some details draws me further into this fic. First, the only thing that you need to know about the Matrix before reading this is: Humanity is enslaved by Machines inside a shared VR to generate electricity but some humanity survived in a city called Zion and tried to free the rest of humanity. The fic takes place 80 years after the event of the movie. If you need to know more I think reading the wiki is enough. TBH I only remember the basic premise of the first movie and didn't remember anything from the sequels. It's not a typical crossover where a character from HP is taken into Matrix by dimension/time travel/reincarnation, it's a fusion between the world of HP and Matrix. Hogwarts is different from canon, students are admitted into the first year not at 11 but whenever they first experience accidental magic. Statue of Secrecy is more strict, you can't use magic outside of magical area even if you're falling to your death. Harry still lived with the Dursley but Voldemort is defeated by Dumbledore 40 years ago. Sirius Black is at large, but is he trying to kill Harry? At this point I'm curious, what happened with Sirus? How does The Matrix goes into this? Is magic even real? Who are the real enemy? Is Voldemort still alive? There may seems to be a lot of question that still unanswered in the last two chapters but all of those will be answered by the time you finished the fic. It has a HP/NT as a pairing but it's not the main focus of the fic, I would even say that there's no romace at all. Officially it only has one OC, Eon/John Anderson, but practically everyone outside of Hogwarts are an OC with the same name as a canon counterpart and some of their personalities. What I liked from this is that Harry is not The One/The Chosen One. He's special and pretty powerful but not the way you imagined. There's no prophecy that states he can defeat the dark lord or something, altough divination and The Oracle is featured quite heavily in this fic. Fair warning, it has a similar type of ending with Sum of Their Parts; the main problems are solved but you don't really see most of the process, only the result. It's still worth reading, the Author did a wonderful job of combining HP and Matrix worldbuilding into one perfect world.