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Mark is a First-Gen wizard and a Natural Legilimens. Reluctant to go to Hogwarts, he's soon drawn into the budding conflict between Harry Potter and Voldemort. Not to mention the mysterious happenings and secrets that he stumbles on to at his new school. All he wants is to make friends and possibly find a cure for his father.OC- Centric AU story. Book One (of Four) spans from Years 1-3 of Hogwarts. Year 1 Complete.
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A more character centric story than Canon
rahul2428 | 5 months ago *

The story is more of a holistic account of the various events that occur in the AU. The main character Mark Smith is someone who was raised in an environment which largely contrasts that in which Harry Potter grew up in, and the story aims to highlight the differences and similarities between the two of them. Periodic PoV's from secondary characters like Ron, Hermione, Neville, Ginny, and Dumbledore provides a richer (and natural) characterization than that in canon. Initial chapters are a bit short, but the story gains traction by Chapter 5.