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After having worked for over a decade as a Curse Breaker, Harry wakes up in an alternate time-line, in a grave belonging to Rose Potter. Fem!Harry
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Writing is a mess, wasted the cool premise
anathea | 2 months ago *

Okay, so I read most of this. This is weird because I actually do like the premise, but the writing is kind of a mess. The author spends way too much time on things that aren’t interesting, and not enough time at all on what should be the most cathartic moments. Still, the premise was really cool.

Endless narration and inner thoughts

95% of the fic we spend in Harry's (well, Harriet's) head following her inner thoughts, with only the vaguest idea of where the current scene takes place. One moment Harriet is musing about Voldemort and ancient cities, and the next she suddenly is clawing her way from a grave. Buying a book at Flourish and Blotts warrants a single paragraph describing the location, and dozens containing Harriet's musings about ICW, history, and international politics. Some chapters barely have a line of dialogue! It's just Harriet's endless train of thought, interspersed very rarely by a beat of action.