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Various moments of Dean and Seamus through their years at Hogwarts as they navigate the waters of friendship and love.
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Sweet and character-driven focus on two background characters
Dina-M | 2 months ago *

A series of moments following Dean and Seamus through their Hogwarts years, and slightly beyond. Mostly it's about the two living their lives and enjoying each other's company, or having their own small triumphs and tribulations, while Harry gets on with the canon plots. If the story has a plot on it's own at all, it's the emotional journey Dean and Seamus go through as they grow older, slowly realize their sexualities and of course discover that they're into each other... but of course because they're both teenagers they have to go through unnecessarily long periods of time before they'll admit it to themselves, much less each other. It's a very cute fic. Seamus's accent is a little off, but the characters are great otherwise... even though I kind of wish there had been a little more than just these loosely connected moments. Something to get a little deeper into the characters and the plots, maybe even letting Dean and Seamus have some actual adventures of their own. But for what it is, it's REALLY well done. For the full experience, though, you should read its companion fic, "This is Where" as well. It's a Parvati/Lavender story that takes place at the same time as this story and has somewhat stronger themes.