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Twenty thousand years into Twilight Sparkle's rule, the burden of the countless trillions of ponies killed Equestria. Depleted, polluted, and dead, the planet was abandoned. The Goddess Twilight Sparkle and her alicorn compatriots led the surviving ponies to a new life among the stars. Ponies advanced. They evolved, and grew. A golden age of peace and prosperity occurred that lasted for thousands of millennia. But that was long ago. Before evolution turned against them, and before the deadly Mortality Virus raged through their ranks. Now, at the twilight of ponykind, their final hope is for a small crew to return to their long-dead and long-forgotten homeworld one last time.
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Takes place far into the future of the show...
ND3s | 4 months ago

It's a very unique take of the series and had many surprising twists and turns. I could find no serious problems with the writing. The author also has several other great stories with some pretty great lore and backstory.