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It's the beginning of my megalithic alternate universe series as Ranma arrives at the Tendou dojo with an unusual companion this time around.
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Really entertaining, even if it drags a bit...
Dina-M | 1 month ago

It's an oldie but a goodie. The fic starts out as in canon but immediately throws a spanner in the works: When Ranma and Genma come to stay with the Tendous, they have Shampoo with them. And while Ranma stll has that pesky girl curse, Genma has managed to escape being cursed and instead Shampoo is now cursed to turn into a boy when hit by water. The endgame is Ranma/Shampoo, but of course since this IS still the Ranma universe, there has to be tons of mix-ups, obstacles and shennanigans before we can get that far. It's a very fun fic, which makes sure to give every major and minor character at least a few moments in the spotlight. Its main flaw is that occasionally it DRAGS, things take too long to resolve and a lot of the Amazon stuff is pretty dull. But though those flaws keep the story from getting a full five stars, they don't stop it from being really good. Highly recommended.