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A story about a boy,a girl, another girl, some heroes, even more villains and a handful of martial artists thrown in for good measure. Follow Ryouga as he stumbles into a world of Super Human proportion. A Ranma X Teen Titans crossover, unlike any other.
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Really fun crossover!
Dina-M | 24 days ago *

Ranma and Teen Titans... not really surprising that they make for a good crossover. This story does a great job with all the characters; for the first few chapters it's mainly Ryouga, Cologne and the Amazons with the Titans... but as the story goes on, most of the Nerima crew and the HIVE get involved as well, The characterization is great for pretty much every character, and everyone gets at least a few moments in the spotlight. The story's a pretty good mix of Ranma and Teen Titans: The first third or so is mainly dedicated to the Titans spending some time in China, where they meet and befriend a wandering Ryouga and spend some time in the Amazon village, Then the rest of the fic mostly revolves around the fight against the H.I.V.E, who ends up kidnapping, brainwashing and recruiting a number of the familar Nerima crew. On the Ranma side, the MVPs are definitely Ryouga and Cologne. Ryouga is pretty much the crux which the entire story revolves around, but Cologne gets a very good show here too; she's crafty and more than a little manipulative, but not a villain. My faves have to be Nabiki and Kasumi, though; they get some much-needed attention and time away from their family and Akane, as "evil supervillains in training." Not surprisingly, Nabiki takes to it like a duck to water and ends up pretty much running the Academy, while Kasumi... pretty much remains Kasumi, so sweet and polite that nobody can bring themselves to do anything against her. It's both adorable and hilarious. The Titans are more of a team here, with no individual member really standing out above the others... but they all get plenty of nice character moments and times to shine as individuals. Robin is dedicated, Starfire is cheery, Cyborg is boisterous, Beast Boy is goofy, and Raven is deadpan, and they're all brave and heroic, just as they're supposed to be... but if one of them is to be held up as the standout, it's Raven. Though I have to say the growing romance between her and Ryouga gets far less attention than I'd have thought it would. A few pacing problems and some rather glaring grammar errors stops me from giving this the top score, but it's still a fic I'd be glad to read again.