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22 years after a devastating civil war following the disappearance of the Celestial Diarchy, the world has changed. The empire of New Harmony fans out across most of the known globe, subsuming everything in its path that dares resist its rule. Rainbow "Danger" Dash is an ex-military pegasus hiding from the empire she tried to bring down in the slums of New Canterlot, making her living as a mundane mechanic. Duchess Rarity Belle is a silver-tongued diplomat living in Old Canterlot. She advises the current acting regent, Lady Steward Twilight Sparkle, while waiting for balance to return to New Harmony. Behind her perfect facade, though, something else hides. AJ is an earth pony farmer who, tired of the increasingly ridiculous tax on selling fresh fruit, has come to the capitol to appeal to the Lady Steward, so that she can feed her ever-growing family. The three meet, quite by chance, and begin, driven from their homes, on a mission to change the world, and to alter the course of history. Not all harmony is created equal, and peace is only found at the end of a long, bloody road.
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A huge AU that takes place in an alternate Equestria.
ND3s | 3 months ago

I love the airships and the conflict.