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My father stands at the doorway, his hands are laced together and they contract with each breath, pulsing like a heart. "Taylor," he says, forgetting my name, "There's someone here to see you."
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rangerscience | 5 months ago

Absolutely amazing. Super feels. Very artistic and literary in prose and plot.

It tries to be clever and original and it manages it perfectly!
Talon of Anathrax | 9 months ago
Alt Power Taylor tells her story, but can anyone listen?
clerical_error | 11 months ago

Really well written and unique. Best read all at once.

1 The Blue Hedgeroo
A beautifully written fic that deserves to be read more than once
notFullyCoping | 11 months ago

This is an altpower!Taylor with a power that isn't immediately obvious. It can be a bit hard to grasp what's happening if you don't read carefully. With that said, I love this fic. The only thing this Taylor has in common with canon is her determination, but it still feels like the same person, just with a wildly different power. The story is told very much from Taylor's perspective, whatever is currently happening tends to be mentioned as an offhand comment in her own thoughts. This is a well thought out and brilliantly written fic, definitely worth a read or two.

2 The Blue Hedgeroo nomnom