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An AU - Taylor Hebert lost more than just some dignity when she was shoved in the locker. Infections hospitalised her and destroyed her vocal chords. In desperate need for people to pay attention, her powers developed rather differently. Mostly only T, but erring on the side of caution due to language and such.
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Fun and charming
Nemrut | 1 year ago

It's a cute fic that is entertaining throughout its run and it never tries to be more than that which is fair enough. If you read this, you are bound to have a good time for a while although you're unlikely to think about this story again unless it is mentioned somewhere. As far as altpower Taylor stories go, it is one of the better ones although it still falls into some of the genre's pitfalls.

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One of the best Shipfic's for the worm fandom!
Sir_Arhtur | 1 year ago