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After Scion's defeat, Dragon and Colin retreat to a foreign world to escape Teacher's machinations and, they hope, to fix Dragon's damaged programming. But every change has consequences, and every new freedom demands an equal sacrifice. (Note: this work mostly takes place after the end of Worm, with one fairly major change to canon.)
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A complete story worthy of attention
Discreet | 1 year ago *

Written as a direct sequel to Worm with a divergence point from Worm E.3, Dragon Unbound has what few other fanfic have: a complete story, full character arcs and actual themes. Without giving away too much, Dragon's story is fraught with both personal drama and ethical conundrums as not only a heroine, but also as an incredibly powerful AI. We come into Dragon's story on the heels of Worm's conclusion, but she still struggles with her personhood as well as dealing with the constant comparison to a Terminator-like Skynet. Though the story definitely leans more on Dragon's side, it doesn't shy away from the threat of her power either. Dragon despite being an AI, isn't written to be perfect, her character and humanity shows just as much as anyone else's and that's what makes her and this story so interesting. If you want a complete story with a proper beginning, middle and end, well-thought out character interactions, arcs and themes, then give Dragon Unbound a read, it'll be worth your time.

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