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Taylor Hebert had a bad day, and came out of it changed. Some parahumans can control bugs. Some can build advanced technology. Some can do unspeakable things to space and time. Taylor can make magic rings, wondrous metals, mysterious weapons, and may not be a parahuman (or, indeed, human) at all.
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Captivating, original take on a worm crossover
effulgent_dawn | 1 year ago

This fic captures the feeling of worm pretty well; lines between black and white remain hard to define just as in the original web serial. The world could be a bit more fleshed out -- pretty much all relevant action and focus is in Brockton Bay.

2 SufficientGravitas ficdb_admin
Good but somehow lacking
rangerscience | 1 year ago

Solid writing and story, but I found myself getting bored after a few dozen chapters. Lack of compelling antagonists, a dash of mary-sue, and the flip from the gradual, inexorable downhill of Worm to a gradual uphill around this Alt!Taylor. The stakes were lowered and the good guys powered up. Maybe also pacing to intensity; there hadn't been any situation where something felt like it was on the line by the time I dropped it. On the other hand, excellent use of LOTR mythos and deep lore, well done-dialogue, descriptions and characterizations. Good for a Worm feel-good read, if you want to see things Go(ing) Right.

1 SufficientGravitas
An infusion of Middle Earth into Worm.
SufficientGravitas | 1 year ago *

as an alt-power fic, this story does start off as fairly generic, but before too long, it starts getting into the actual important meat of the story. that meat, is it's themes and how the characters approach them. The Sophia arc has been handled well, as Lithos managed to break away from the hardline fanon interpretation. while it is a story that has fighting, and it is a story that involves Taylor, Worm, and a lot of Middle Earth mythology, it is also a story about redemption, and what that means, entails, and what follows it. it is at times a hopeful story, at others a hopeless story, and at other, a story that feels like it's just trying to be honest about itself. it's another fic I'm rounding up from 3.5 stars, but I really do enjoy Ring-maker, though I don't think it's for everyone.

2 SufficientGravitas nomnom
Alt-power Taylor story
Nemrut | 1 year ago

Tried reading this twice, came farther along the second time but it's simply a chore to read. I really dislike the take on Taylor, I dislike how it follows so many altpower Taylor plot points, I dislike how a lot of the characters are used. I guess it does a few original things but not in a good way, or much more beyond a veneer of change. Taylor has an OP power and the story is mostly about the power. I just had a bad time reading this. Not fun and chances are, if you have been reading Worm fics for a while, the story won't have many surprises for you.

3 SufficientGravitas Pericardium The Blue Hedgeroo
frustratedFreeboota | 1 year ago

A blend of Tolkien and Bow that makes one aware of the differences between the two writing styles and worlds. The relationship between Sophia and Taylor is something big and complicated and worth reading, as the two sorta help redeem each other.