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In the trio's fifth year nothing seems the same. There's more work, a new High Inquisitor and new relationships beginning. If only the world wasn't sick and actually lived up to people's expectations.
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Slow start but rewarding read
Nemrut | 1 year ago

Now, the issue with this story is that it has a somewhat rocky start. In the first eight chapters, Hermione is behaving like an idiot and pretty much everyone walks all over her. Basically she's being stuck in her canon lines and actions, whereas others are changed, and I usually hate that in fanfics where only select few things are changed and the characters who remain stuck in canon get kinda punished by it for that simply because their actions then don't make a lot of sense. However, it significantly improves once the relationship between Pansy and Hermione kicks off. Once the handwaving and awkward setting up is gone, all the other issues vanish as well. The secondary characters improve, especially, Cho, the dialog in general is top notch, as the author has a knack for writing witty banter. Ginny is awesome, and so is Pansy, especially later on, once Hermione is allowed to have a brain again and they play of wonderfully from each other. Ron is in an original situation, although I am still uncertain whether or not I liked that. One issue for some might be that Harry has become mostly insignificant even though the general canon story is still intact. Normally, that wouldn’t be an issue with fanfiction but it kinda is here, since we still had canon things happening and Harry was still around, just being (even more) useless. So, that made things a bit awkward. Then there is the thing that the story made me have certain expectations in where it was going to go, but then it didn’t, which perplexed me and I am uncertain how much is the story’s fault for setting things up in vain/as red herrings and how much it is mine for having a messed up, murder happy mind. All in all, a rather enjoyable story, despite its rocky first chapters. Definitely worth reading if you are interested in rare character dynamics. Really like the take on Pansy. 4/5

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