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COMPLETE. When Regulus is five, he nearly drowns in the sea off Blackpool. When Regulus is eleven, his brother befriends a ghost. It's not until Regulus is eighteen and ready to die that the Black family's darkest secret finally unravels. It might, perhaps, change everything. (A coming-of-age story with mind magic, star charting, pink petit-fours, two diaries, and a ghost.)
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Engrossing, horrific mystery
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Prose is a bit stilted, especially the first chapter, but my oh my, Blackpool sucks you in with a truly horrific mystery central to Black family dynamic. Blackpool does an unusually superb job of fleshing out what life in an abusive pureblood family is like - Walburga and Orion felt real and evil to me in a way that many fanfics fail to capture. It's complete, it's only 67k words, it is worth your time. 4.5/5 rounding up.

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