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A young Naruto found refuge in the village library, and grew up smart, but by blood he is Ninja, and what place is there for curiosity and calculation in this brutal world of warring states?
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Write game saitama | 3 months ago

I really wanted to like it, but it was messily put together. The tone didn't know how to set its self. There was no clear genre 9rbtgeme. And the way characters were killed off seemed lazily done, and there was a lack of significant characters.

It knew what it wanted to do, and it did it rather well. This is as good as rational fics get.
Talon of Anathrax | 9 months ago

My only criticism is the fact that it really could have done with one more epilogue to tie up Hinata's character arc on screen, instead of simply suggesting it. It is a rational fic though, so I sometimes got tired of reading about robots. It does pull off the "clever worldbuilding and fights" aspect of rational fics quite well.

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A bookwork Naruto within a harsh reality of a realistic ninja world
elfensky | 9 months ago

Despite plot-armor, it it a well executed story of a book-smarts Naruto who abuses shadow-clones for book-and-other-smarts. It's an entertaining look at a more realistic and harsh reality of a warring ninja world. It adds some interesting world-building and changes that, frankly, make a lot of sense and in general ends up being a fairly unique view of the Elemental Nations.

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Well executed.
Entity | 10 months ago

It's bootstrapping to godhood, but if you don't mind that ist great.

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