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Post-GM Taylor in Remnant. Taylor Hebert; villain, hero, monster, savior, Khepri. She awakens in a hospital in Vale. Where was she? What would she do? Who would she be? Hero or villain? Monster or Savior?
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Not quite clever enough to deliver on what it promises.
transposer | 10 months ago

It's worth a read for fans of both RWBY and Worm, and its worldbuilding is pretty good where it sprinkles details into the world of Remnant. However, it doesn't really live up to the near-rational!fic-level intelligence of Worm, nor can it quite capture the characters from RWBY. (To highlight both: Ozpin, for example, does occasionally shine in turns of dialogue, but altogether just doesn't display the flawed Dumbledore-ish chessmaster nature that he should. When he does show that he understands more than he lets on, it is revealed that he gained this knowledge not from his insight or intuition, but because another character accidentally muttered something in surprise into a hidden camera he couldn't have possibly had the foresight to deploy.) The story also is prone to long stretches of prose where nothing really moves forwards (such as the lengthy fight scene chapter or the long shopping-spree chapter). However, if you are a fan of fight scenes and intricate costume-building (which you probably are if you like both RWBY and Worm), then this might not bother you so much.