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Programmable magic; because sufficiently advanced magic is indistinguishable from technology.
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Magic through the eyes of a programmer
elfensky | 9 months ago

If you enjoy programming and like magic, fantasy races, gods and mental gymnastics, this story is for you. Ethan West is a programmer. And as such, nothing, not even magic - can't be deconstructed into smaller parts and reprogrammed to do something else. Follow along as he discovers the new rules and limitations of a new and alien world he suddenly finds himself to be part of, and take part of the various adventures he encounters on his way. Albeit sometimes feeling as overpowered, the MC and other characters are still fairly fleshed out, with intriguing events and foreshadowing going on in the background. The world has a lot of detail, which - to be fair - is a necessity given the primary hook of the story is the world's magic system.

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MultiplyByZer0 | 8 months ago

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